Cremation Services

Faithful Companion is a Family owned business that specializes in cremation of only your beloved pets. They know the importance of animal companions in your life and hearts. They are dedicated to caring for the families who are faced with the death of a beloved pet. 

Private cremations include picking up your pet

and returning them to the clinic or your home

at no additional cost. Your pet will be picked

up the same day and returned within a 24 hours

period (no freezer storage).

This is a complete Private Cremation of

only your pet. They are tracked from start to

finish to ensure accuracy. 

They have options for other urns if you choose;

however, private cremations do automatically

include a beautiful box with your pets name

engraved on the top. You also, if you choose

at no additional cost, you will receive a clay

paw print from your pet. If you are interested

in looking at their additional urn options,

please go to:

Communal cremation is an option for families

who do not wish to have their pet's cremated

remains returned with them. Communal

cremains are buried on a regular basis at

Highland Pet Cemetery in Fort Mitchell,

Kentucky (which is only a little over an

hour from here if you ever wish to go

visit your beloved pet). There is a marker

denoting Faithful Companion communal

cremains burial area; 

however, pets are not individually identified. 

You can also go to their website: 

and read about other peoples testimonials or leave your own after for your beloved loved one.