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As of 06/10/2022 we are no longer offering boarding services due to restorations until Spring 2023. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may bring. 


Boarding Services

Are you planning a vacation? Need to go out of town on business? Are you concerned that you will not be able to find someone trustworthy to care for your pet while you are away? If you need to travel and can't take your pet along, why not plan to have your best friend stay with us? Traveling can cause enough stress and anxiety,  you don't want to worry about whether your pet is being well cared for. We offer a convenient solution by providing boarding in our safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Please print and fill out these forms prior to your reservation if you are a new client, or your pet has never boarded with our facility.

Additional Requirements

  • All new clients are required to provide proof of vaccines and prevention before any reservations are made. These can be emailed to us at

  • All new boarders are required to pass a "trial run" at least a week in advance before scheduling your pets reservation. This is to ensure your pet is behaviorally sound, and will board safely and comfortably at our facility.

Canine Boarding Services

We offer year round boarding for our canine friends of all breeds, ages and size. Our boarding guests are walked four times daily on five acres of land, to allow them to get the proper exercise and mental stimulation they need while you're away. We are also equipped to board special needs patients who require medication, such as insulin, seizure medication, arthritis medication and more. Upon check-in, you will discuss these medications with our front desk staff- to ensure we keep your pup happy and healthy during their stay!

Canine Boarding Requirements 

Your dog must be up to date on all of the following in order to board:

- Distemper/Parvo Vaccine

- Rabies Vaccine

- Bordetella Vaccine

- Heartworm Testing

- Fecal Testing

- Heartworm & Flea/Tick Prevention

All new boarding animals must pass a behavioral trial run before scheduling a reservation.

Feline Boarding Services

We also offer year round feline boarding, for cats of all breeds, age and size. We know how stressful it can be for a new change of environment for cats, that's why it is so important to us that our kennel staff does their best to provide a cozy, safe, welcoming stay for feline friends in their kitty cot. This also includes special care for our senior cats who may require special diets, insulin, or other medications. Our cat boarding guests are also kept separate from the canine boarders, in order to minimize stress. 

Feline Boarding Requirements 

Your cat must be up to date on all of the following in order to board:

- FVRCP Vaccine

- Rabies Vaccine

- FELV/FIV Testing

- Fecal Testing

- Flea & Tick Prevention

All animals must pass a behavioral trial run in order to schedule a reservation.

Pricing Information

  • Canine Boarding Price- $35.00 per night for any size

  • Feline Boarding Price- $23.00 per night

  • Baths while boarding- $45.00

  • Medication Dispensing for 3 or more medications- $12.00 per night

Please note, in the event that your pet becomes ill during their stay- our veterinarian will preform an examination, and treat/medicate as needed. You will be contacted in this case. 

Pick Up & Drop Off Information

Pick Up Times: 

-Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM (Office Hours)

- Thurs, Sat: 8 AM - 12 PM ( Office Hours) OR 6 PM - 7 PM (Kennel Hours)

- Sun: 7 AM - 8AM OR 6 PM- 7PM  (Kennel Hours)

Drop Off Times:

- Monday - Saturday: During Office Hours Only. 

*No Pick Ups during major holidays*

*Please keep in mind: If you are picking up during Kennel Hours (when our office is closed)- do not go to the front door for pick up. Upon pulling into our drive, do not pull into the parking lot, instead head slowly down the drive towards the side of the building. You will find a brown door to your left- this is where our kennel staff will be located. Please knock loudly as it can sometimes be difficult for our staff to hear due to barking dogs.

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