Fleas are Not Just in Summer

Did you know fleas will live in your home and on your pets year round? If you see fleas, make sure you use a reputable flea product like Frontline, Vectra, Nexgard for dogs and Frontline or Revolution for cats. Once you apply these products, make sure to keep up with them at least 3-4 months after you see fleas. When you are due to apply the next monthly's medication, if you see fleas, it's not that it's not working; it's probably the eggs hatching from the first batch you saw a month ago. To ensure you kill them and keep them away is to continue flea medication. Also, if it is warmer out even in December- remember to continue your pet flea medication because until there are 3 good frosts and the temperature stays below freezing is when it is safe to stop your flea products (unless your dog has a flea allergy-you may want to keep it up year round for them).

There is an oral pill too from the makers of Heartgard where it is a flavored chew called Nexgard. Let's start here first... Nexgard is the FIRST FDA approved flea/tick medication to prevent Lyme disease? This product offers protection no matter how many baths you give because it works from the inside out. With topical products you have to be careful and not bathe your dog often because it could cause the product to be less effective. When bathing them, you should use an aloe & oatmeal shampoo. Flea shampoos only strip the fur then you still need a monthly flea medication like Frontline, Vectra or Nexgard for dogs and Frontline or revolution for cats. Follow the instructions on topical flea medications because Frontline works better with the natural oils of their skin where Frontline recommends applying the frontline 2-3 days after a bath. Vectra you can apply after 2 hours after their bath. Again, just follow instructions and fight the battle of these nasty fleas!

p.s. Products like Nexgard & Revolution are only licensed to be sold from a veterinarian... to ensure their guarantees... these products should be purchased from a veterinarian. And remember Nexgard is the FIRST FDA approved Flea & Tick medication proven to prevent Lyme Disease.

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