Heartworm Medication VS Treatment

Did you know when you buy Heartgard from your veterinarian you receive the guarantee from Merial and your veterinarian to back the product they sold you? We truly feel we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of education. If your animal becomes ill from a product or does test positive for heartworms we will be there to help you through all of it. Merial will pay to treat your pet if you can prove you followed their protocol (which is ours) to test annually for heartworms and keep your pet on Heartgard. Not only is Heartgard your monthly heartworm protection but also a monthly dewormer for hookworms and roundworms (which are zoonotic diseases).

We would rather have your canine companion on Heartgard to protect them monthly versus treating your pet when they test positive for heartworms; this means they now have them flowing through their veins and will eventually attach to your dog's heart for their daily meal. Then they reproduce and take over the heart.

By purchasing Heartgard through your veterinarian versus somewhere online; you obtain our guarantee and Merial's guarantee with our service provided. We would much rather prevent a heartworm infestation versus treating the full blown adult heartworms.

Last but not least..... did you know it is cheaper for your to purchase 10 Years of Heartworm medication than treating the actual heartworm disease????

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