Nexgard-Not Just Flea Medication

Did you know Nexgard covers Fleas & Ticks? We know a lot about fleas and know you do as well. What about Ticks? Did you know that a tick will feed on your dog and can transmit four tick-borne diseases? Our plan is to keep your dog on Nexgard to prevent the transmission of disease. With Nexgard, the tick will start dying within 30 mins to four hours where they hopefully die before the transmission of disease takes place. We would rather prevent a tick-borne disease than have to wait to see the symptoms of the disease and then treatment for the disease. The price of Nexgard is worth the investment compared to an expensive cost of treatment. The four tick-borne diseases here in Ohio are; Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and both forms of Ehrlichiosis . Did you know Nexgard is the FIRST FDA Approved Flea & Tick medication proven to prevent lyme disease?

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