Lepto May Be A Problem As Close As Your Own Backyard

Let's start with this first.... Is Leptospirosis a problem in my area? Over the last 10 years, cases of Lepto have been increasingly reported across the United States due to wildlife in suburban areas where dogs are coming in ever-closer contact to where wildlife have been. Even more disturbing is there have been cases recorded in humans contracted from dogs and other species are on the rise.* Carriers of Lepto are other dogs, opossums, rabbits, skunks and raccoons. Maybe you recently moved and it wasn't a concern where you have lived before, but something to think about.

Leptospirosis is contracted through the membranes of your dogs nose as they sniff the ground (where wildlife has been, technically- urinated). By the time clinical symptoms start to appear it could be life-threatening to your pets liver & kidney functions. If you vaccinate against Lepto and we suspect your dog may have Lepto, our vaccines are backed by the company's guarantee and will pay for your dogs treatment. We do not like vaccinating too much at one time either; therefore, Dr. Johnston will usually split up vaccines when getting several at a time.

If you feel your dog may have any contact where wildlife has been, please contact us to discuss starting your best friend on the Leptospirosis vaccine (we'd rather be proactive than reactive).

*Stokes, JE, Janeene JB, Schall WD, et al. Prevalence of serum anitibodies against six Leptospira serovars in health dogs. J Am Vet Med Assoc 2007: 230:1657-1664.

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