What's on Your Dog's Feet!?!

How much do you stay on the sidewalk as a dog owner? We all stray from the beaten path to allow our dogs to have fun. They are more at risk with parasites which they can give to us as we share the same environment. In a recent study Published by *Clinicians Brief, researchers rinsed the dogs paws and soles of pet owner's shoes after dogs and owners completed daily walking routines to identify and quantify the number of parasite eggs picked up during the walks. The numbers they found compared to people without pets, has an 83% of parasite egg occurrence found.

A good idea would be to wipe your dogs feet off before bringing them inside to decrease the potential for contamination. This would decrease the possibilities of sharing these parasites with us as humans as well. A good idea after a walk with your dog or a day in the dog park, remove your shoes before going into your home. That is why every year we encourage bringing in a stool sample to test for microscopic parasites.


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